When I began my paleo lifestyle 3 years ago, I found it a little challenging to begin with. After all, bread was a staple food in my house. I had to reinvent what I was going to have for lunch and often than not it was a sandwich of some sort. I did indeed master lunchtime with lots of salads and protein, however I did miss the taste and texture of a sandwich. 

My Search for Bread Alternatives

So I went searching for bread that was grain free, gluten free and dairy free at my local health food store. Most bread available at my health food store would consist of grains or dairy and often I would leave the store empty handed. That was until I stumbled across the ‘Primal Alternative’ range. 

My local health food store just so happened to have one of the Primal Alternative Producer’s (known as a Primalista), hosting tastings of breads and cookies on a day I went in. The Primalista was ever so helpful with answering my questions about the products and informing me about her business as a Licenced Primal Alternative Producer.  She wanted to generate extra income for her family while being around for her children. I could tell how passionate she was to help people and her community live a healthier lifestyle that is grain, gluten and dairy free. She loves to bake.  

Sooooo Good!

After tasting the breads and cookies I was sold. I bought a loaf of the ‘Fat & Seedy’ Bread, ‘Fruit Toast with Goji Berries’ and a packet of the ‘Choc Chip Cookies’. All products were grain free, gluten free and dairy free, with nothing artificial. I made a BLT sandwich as soon as I got home and indulged in a cookie. The bread tasted like ‘real’ bread and the cookie was to die for. I was onto something good and felt excited that I could include these paleo, grain, gluten and dairy free products as part of my healthier lifestyle.  

I continued to buy ‘Primal Alternative’ products from my local health food store. Unfortunately, they often wouldn’t have stock of what I wanted. This left me a little disappointed, having gone there specifically for those products.  

I then discovered the Primal Alternative website, where you can place an order and have it delivered all over Australia. That meant no more disappointing trips to my local health food store. Winning!!!  

Making It Easier For Others To Find

I love and highly recommend Primal Alternative products to so many and it got me thinking … I would love to stock their products on my online store. When I discovered Primal Alternative was supplying their delicious breads, pizza bases and pancake mixes in a packet for you to make at home, I was so excited to stock their products.  

My ‘Primalista’ is beautiful. She goes above and beyond to supply me not only with products for my store but also for my family. We often make our own breads, pizza bases and pancakes but from time to time I like to purchase bread, wraps and pizza bases that have already been baked. It’s great when you are feeling a little time poor. 

Perfect Fit Work From Home Business Model for Mums

I love the fact that the Founder of ‘Primal Alternative’, Helen Marshall, has created an amazing business model that has given so many wonderful women out there the opportunity to work from home, giving women the opportunity to contribute financially for their families while also being able to be there for their children. It is also a great opportunity for women to earn an extra income as a side hustle. I absolutely adore the sisterhood community that has been created by the many ‘Primalistas and the support they receive from each other. 

I am very much someone who supports local businesses and women in business. I know how important it is to support my family financially while being there for my children so I really resonated with the business model that Helen has created with her amazing business ‘Primal Alternative’. I would love all women out there who want the freedom to work their own hours, while looking after their children and contribute financially to their family, to have the opportunity to do so.

If you are a woman who … 

  • loves to bake
  • is passionate for ‘clean’ living
  • would like to support the community to follow a healthier lifestyle
  • would love the opportunity to work from home while providing financially for your family and being there for your children 

You can find out how the Primalista Licence works in 33 mins. Watch the video here.

If you want in, click on the button below to have a chat to Helen about becoming a Primalista.

I believe it is a mutually beneficial opportunity for you, your family, the community and for all the health conscience businesses out there. Together we can make a difference!

Click the button below to experience the delicious breads and pizza base mixes for yourself at home.